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K-9 Emergency Kits

These kits come in plastic containers that are about 8" tall and 8" in diameter. The kits contain the following items: surgical gloves, tweezers, Q-tips, cotton balls, hand sanitizer, antibiotic ointment, disposable droppers, syringes, tongue depressors, Ace bandage, triangular bandage, alcohol pads, pen, small leash, paper tape, gauze wrap, pen knife, emergency contact card, disposable razor, antiseptic wipes, flashlight, scissors, mirror, and 3 x 5 sterile pads. The kit also contains suggestions for other items to add along with information about the Heimlich maneuver, pet CPR, and various poisons.

The kits sell for $20 and can be ordered by contacting
​Patti Reitz at 419-837-5195.