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Sue Bechtel, executive director

Janet Quinn, secretary

Patti Reitz, treasurer

Scott Reitz

Tim Ault

Gino Chiappetta

Dr. Sara Wells-cox



Our Board

Andy’s Story

 The inspiration for Andy's Army was a dog named Andy Bechtel. Andy Bechtel was adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, Inc. (GRRR) in 2008.  In the summer of 2009 he was diagnosed with canine cancer.  Despite valiant efforts to save his life, Andy died in November of 2009. Andy’s plight was not unique as canine cancer still remains the leading cause of death among all older dogs and is prevalent among many breeds of dogs including golden retrievers.

Andy Bechtel

Beloved pet and best friend

Our mission is 3-Fold

With Andy's Army,

we want to promote

Wellness, Awareness and

Research (WAR) 

for canine cancer.

Our Mission